Based out of Saint Charles Illinois, located on the outer crust of the Chicago suburbs, Ryan Caldwell is usually busy writing music, cutting records at Bird Garden Studios, and performing with his bands Invisible Cartoons, Ry Guys, and Jesus Coyote. There are of course exceptions, like hosting the Bird Garden Studios Songwriter Showcase or touring the UK playing keyboard and synth for Ben Velasco and the Flash Images. Ryans appetite for creation and expression are voracious. 

Composer / Songwriter 

Ryan has been writing music for as long as he can remember but it became an unavoidable compulsion after he quit taking piano lessons in highschool. Gaining distance from the grind of learning and regurgitating standard repertoire led him to realize that creating music was what he wanted to dedicate his life to. From that point he started songwriting, composing, and learning new instruments as incessantly. Having been instructed from a young age on piano, pipe organ, percussion, and voice he didn’t have much difficulty teaching himself banjo, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and the synthesizer. Having arrived on this earth just in time for the advent of inexpensive and highly functional recording software, it didn’t take long for Ryan to start using his fresh cut skills to start making recordings. 

Producer / Audio Engineer 

Millikin University in Decatur Illinois was a perfect incubator for Ryans skills. Participating in their Music Business program, he spent much of his time working in the university’s recording studio getting all star coaching on the process of tracking, mixing, and mastering. He also studied voice under opera singer Ricardo Sepulveda as his main instrument. 

After Graduating in 2014 Ryan went straight to work writing and performing in his band Fight With Monsters, doing session work, running live sound, educating the next generation, and making a name for himself. One decade of projects, sessions, lessons, and concerts later Ryan hasn’t slowed down. He finds himself always looking forward to the next project or performance.