Private Instruction

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One of the hardest parts of endeavoring to learn music is finding the right teacher. The right combination of teacher and student can be the difference between a frustrating short lived introduction to music and making an instrument into a life long passion. Because of this, Ryan tailors his instruction to each individual student to best suit their needs and help them work towards their goals.

Piano Lessons

The piano is one of the most versatile instruments on the planet. The keyboard is present in almost every style of music in one way or another. In his teaching style, Ryan embraces this by starting with classical curriculum and then adding practical music theory and aural skills that gives the student the tools and expertise they need to be able to play what ever music suits their fancy. Whether it be rock and roll, jazz, techno, country, blues, or just beautiful solo piano music, Ryan can get you where you want to go.

Voice Lessons

"If you can speak, you can sing", is Ryans motto for people who are trepidatious about voice lessons. The same mechanism that allows one to speak to a room of people is the same that lets you belt to an amphitheater. With perpetual kindness and patience Ryan can diagnose what is keeping you from being an excellent vocalist and help you work on the skills and techniques that you need to get you confident in and proud of your voice. If you already have a voice that you're confident in and are just looking to get more control over it, expand stylistically, or just make sure you have healthy technique, Ryan has you covered.

Other Stuff I Teach!

Classical Music Theory

Practical Music Theory

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Ryan has been studying piano and voice for close to two decades. Since Getting a degree in Music Business with a vocal emphasis from Millikin University in 2014 he has been teaching music privately in the Chicago Suburbs. His teaching largely draws on his diverse experience in music, from studying classical piano and pipe organ in his younger years, being a percussionist in high school, working with opera singers in college, and spending countless time playing in rock bands and recording studios. You can find more about his credentials on the About page.

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