Not So Brief

As much as you'd probably love to know every gruesome detail of Ryan's life, he insisted that most of it was boring and typical. So instead here's a list of more memorable talking points.

  • His parents worked at a Renaissance Fair until he was 10 as a weaver and a blacksmith. Every Saturday night many of the minstrels hung out on his parents porch and played classic rock, folk songs, as well as a variety of celtic tunes and sea shanties.
  • From a young age he studied Piano, Pipe Organ, Percussion, Voice, Guitar, Banjo, Hammered Dulcimer, Bass, Ukulele, Melodica, Synthesis, Trombone,
  • He graduated from Millikin University with a Degree in Music Business.
  • Ryan has played in a total of 13 different bands. All of them were important, none of them popular, and none of them are worth mentioning at the moment. If Ryan gets a wikipedia page, it will include a full list.
  • He is currently the Keytarist for Invisible Cartoons and the Pianist for Shady Play.



Ryan Caldwell is a Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Arranger, Keyboardist, Synthesist, Vocalist. He owns a recording studio in the western Chicago suburbs dubbed Lucky Cat Studios. Ryan's main drive is writing music for film.