Newsletter and new album announcement!

Hey! I’m trying something new. This place is meant to be your one stop shop for news, updates, and releases for me and all the projects I’m a part of. Although my life changes pretty quickly much of the time I’m going to try to keep it updated with the various shows I’m playing. First up is an announcement from last week. I’m in a project called Crab Cat, we make what we consider to be the next evolution in lofi hiphop and synthwave music. We also just released a new album of it. If you’ve been following along then you might remember that we already released an album this year. In this project we are also dedicated to releasing a new track every single week until the sun explodes. So because of that we have around 30 tracks out just in this year and we’re not done yet. The newest album from Crab Cat is called Robot Friends and you can find it on almost every streaming platform in the known universe. So if you don’t have spotify you can probably find a link to your desired platform on our website, link below.